Setting up SDKMAN! with Fish and Homebrew

Assuming you are a macOS user, managing your installed software with HomeBrew and using Fish as your shell of choice, these are the steps to allow you to use SDKMAN to manage your Java sdks for your projects

Change the type of an AWS Parameter Store value

AWS Parameter Store is a great resource for storing configuation information for your applications. It can store plain text settings as a String, as well as confidential information like passwords and connection strings as SecureString. SecureString is encrypted by AWS when it is stored.

Downloading Videos from

Local Government webcasting is dominated by Public-i. According to their website, 85% of local government bodies that stream their meetings use Public-i to do so. They provide a good service, but one of the limitations with them is that they don’t keep the videos online for too long.

Setting up a Chef Server on Ubuntu

This tutorial will assume that you already have an LTS instance of Ubuntu Server running as a pysical machine or virtual machine. Full instructions for installing Ubuntu Server are available on the Ubuntu website.

Set up a Development ASP.Net web site in your local IIS

When developing an application, it can be very useful to be able to quickly set up the project in your local IIS server so you can build it and start using it.

Set TeamCity's build number a todays date

When using TeamCity to run daily builds for things like unit test coverage, duplicate code, security auditing, which can be time consuming running as part of every commit, it is handy to be able to see which date they were run.

Essential tools when setting up a new development environment

A list of essentials tools when setting up a new machine for software development.

Bootstrapping Psake for your windows builds

Psake is a great build system for automating your .Net builds on Windows. To save time when using it and to make it a simple command to run the build, I like to place a batch file in the root of the code repository to allow you to download and execute Psake without having to check in any binaries.

Auto reconnecting Margiebot to Slack

MargieBot is a simple to use .Net framework for making your own bots for Slack. To start up a bot and connect it to Slack, all it takes is:

Castle Windsor ASP.Net HTTP Handler Factory

When writing a simple HTTP handler in .Net, the framework provides support for replacing the default HTTP Handler Factory with your own factory which provides support for dependency injection.